Are you ready to write the one book you’ve been thinking about forever

– to get that idea out of your head and into print, the one that will change lives,
including your own?

Each one of us has a message to write, one that lives beyond our own selves, one that can speak to people—including ourselves—across the ages. Through the written word, there is no border we cannot cross, no world, inner and outer, we cannot reach.

When we write from our passion, when we write from a place of authenticity (our true, honest selves), when we write from a place of curiosity and without ego, we cannot help but touch the mind, spirit, and soul of others. And long after we’ve gone, the power of that writing will remain, spreading its reach to touch people we don’t even know, just when they need it.

You have a message to give and a message to receive, areason to bring your passion and purpose to the page. If you are ready todiscover your true message and uncover the answers that lie within through journaling or to fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming a published author, you've come to the right place.

Throughout the writing process, I, Donna Maltese, can help you to:

  • find focus and clear direction
  • breakthrough to reveal your passion and power
  • be accountable for meeting your goals and moving forward
  • celebrate your successes along the way
  • conceive, believe, and achieve your dreams
  • increase your confidence in yourself and your message
  • support you, your process, and your vision
  • overcome resistance—writer’s block, procrastination, inner critic, etc.

In doing so I will draw on my seven years experience in the publishing field as an author of nine books, a contributor to fifteen, and an editor of dozens more, as well as my extensive training from iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and my ongoing spiritual journaling classes.

No matter where you are in life and in the writing process--from journals to blogs to books--I can help you to complete your project. Additionally, I do content and developmental editing, or can teach you how to edit your own work.

To get started, click here to review my writing coaching packages and find the one that best fits your goals, needs, and writing level. Or, learn more about me--click here.