3 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block


When it’s you against a menacing blank screen, your brain has turned against you, and all you can think about is the mindless tick-tock of the clock on the wall, it is time to power down the computer, put away your journal and step away from writing – just for a little while. Now, what you do during your time away is going to impact what you write when you get back, so don’t just sit down to watch TV or waste time on Twitter of Facebook. Instead, try one of the following three activities to get your creative juices flowing and ensure that when you return to your computer, you are armed with a plethora of fresh, exciting ideas:

#1: Take a walk.

Throw on a light jacket and some comfortable shoes and leave your house. If your usual walks take you left, go right instead. Look for something new and unique in your familiar old neighborhood or walk so far you end up in a completely new area of town, with houses you’ve never taken in and gardens you’ve never stopped to admire. Don’t think about your writing during this walk; just take in the life that surrounds you and allow inspiration to strike when it is ready.

#2:  Listen to music.

Put on your favorite tunes and straighten up the house, get out in the garden or dance around a bit. The lyrics, the melodies, the lead singer’s voice – it can all spark something within you that just may lead to a brilliant sentence, page or maybe more…

#3: Read a book by an author you love.

Have you ever noticed how inspired you feel after reading a book by your favorite author? The next time you are battling the dreaded writer’s block, pick up a book by an author you love, curl up in your favorite old chair and read a few pages. Sit with the book for a while and allow the weight of what you’ve read to settle into your being and stir up some of the energizing creativity you have been searching for.